Damaged merchandise. What do I do now?

If you suspect that the item you ordered from us is damaged, simply refuse delivery. The driver will have no choice but to return the consignment back to our store. Let us know what happened (either by email or phone) and we will make sure a replacement is sent to you upon arrival.

If, on the other hand, you have accepted delivery and discovered that the item is faulty or damaged, please notify our store, so we can provide instructions on how to return your damaged item/s. The merchandise should be kept with all packaging and inform us immediately to process the claim.  Please do not proceed to return anything unless you have contacted our store beforehand.

Failure to notify Toymodo of the defective merchandise within 7 days from receipt will forfeit the claim or return. Toymodo has sole discretion over returns with respect to credit, replacement, exchange or repair.

NON-DEFECTIVE returns may be accepted by Toymodo at its sole discretion and on terms that Toymodo sees fit.

Toymodo will not accept any returns without proof of the purchases. Toymodo recommends customers to keep a copy of receipt to prove the purchases.

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